Software Projects


Custom application development has been in Ambassador’s DNA since our founding in 1989. Since then we’ve built enterprise-level custom software solutions on virtually every hardware/software platform within hundreds of industries. For outsourced custom app dev projects, we are platform agnostic while managing such projects using the SCRUM agile project management framework.

Project Delivery Models

We offer three primary project delivery models:

  • Insourced – performed on the client site by a team consisting of a combination of client and Ambassador personnel. All Ambassador consultants are eligible for hire by the client under pre-arranged terms. This is a great way to both “try and buy” future employees and to train and mentor existing ones.
  • Outsourced – performed off-site/onshore by a team consisting of hand-picked Ambassador consultants. This model works best for a new system project that doesn’t require constant interaction with the users of the current system and when on-site resources are limited.  Check out our unique hybrid approach to outsourced projects called OnshoreIndy.
  • Offshore – performed off-site/offshore by our partners in the Philippines, India, Russia or Ukraine and managed by an Ambassador Project Manager onshore (and preferably on-site with the client).

Alignment with Business Needs

From initial envisioning conversations through final deployment, we are laser-focused on solving our clients’ business problems. This starts with a deep understanding of the needs of the end-users by working side-by-side with them. In our Initiation & Discovery phase, we create a mutually agreed upon solution by creating an advanced set of wireframes and dynamic visual simulations to provide a clear vision of how the application will look and feel. Our iterative development process continually puts the solution in front of the end-users to ensure that we remain on target throughout the process.

A Proven Approach

Our proven and reliable development process follows industry recommended best practices and applies standard and consistent coding techniques. Our development teams build applications that are highly maintainable, secure, extensible and scalable. After our thorough Initiation & Discovery phase, we move through the rest of the iterative development process: Analysis & Design, Development, Quality Control, Evaluation, Data Migration, Deployment, Validation, and Training. We also offer post-deployment support services customized to your needs.