Tired of paying top dollar for IT talent in your high cost market area?  We feel your pain and have done something about IT.  Perhaps best known as the home of the Indy 500, “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, Indianapolis, Indiana (a.k.a. Indy) is also home to a thriving tech community.  A community that is serving the IT needs of multinational firms around the globe and now stands ready to serve you via OnshoreIndy.

Why consider OnshoreIndy for your next project?

Delivers a low risk, high quality value proposition

For insight into the OnshoreIndy value proposition, let’s compare Indianapolis to our second favorite American city, San Francisco:

  • According to indeed.com, the average posted Web Application Developer salary in Indianapolis in 2015 was $80,000 compared to $125,000 in San Francisco…a whopping 56.25% more.
  • If that Indy-based developer making $80,000 moved to San Francisco, it would take a $139,421 annual salary to maintain a similar standard of living, according to payscale.com’s Cost of Living Calculator.  That’s a 74.28% salary increase just to break-even.  Gulp!
  • At 264% of comparable housing in Indianapolis, Bay Area housing is among the highest in the country.  This causes workers to move into the less expensive suburbs, thereby increasing their commute times already averaging one hour one-way…more than double the average Indianapolis commute.  This is why Menlo Park based Facebook offers their employees a $10k bonus to reduce their commute by moving closer to the office.

Now you can see why we left our hearts in San Francisco, but brought our wallets back home again to Indiana.  Such cost disparities beg for a more economical approach.  That’s why we created OnshoreIndy to help companies in high cost markets reduce their IT spend without reducing quality or increasing risk.  In our Bay Area example, let’s assume that that the 56.25% salary differential translates into a 50% rate differential for consulting resources.  So, a consultant at a $95 bill rate in Indianapolis could cost $142 in San Francisco…$47 more per hour.  At 2,000 hours per year, that equates to $94,000 in additional annual expense per consultant.  We think that’s real money in any market…don’t you? Sure you do.

Can we quote you on IT?
Now you know why we say, “IT’s Just Better Here”.  To find out how much better, let us know what roster spots you need to fill and we’ll let you know how OnshoreIndy can fill them.  To receive a no obligation quote, just send your basic requirements to OnshoreIndy@ambassadorsolutions.com.  An onshore staffing specialist will take IT from there and contact you soon.    

Send your quote request to:  OnshoreIndy@ambassadorsolutions.com