Tired of paying top dollar for IT talent in your high cost market area?  We feel your pain and have done something about IT.  Perhaps best known as the home of the Indy 500, “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, Indianapolis, Indiana (a.k.a. Indy) is also home to a thriving tech community.  A community that is serving the IT needs of multinational firms around the globe and now stands ready to serve you via OnshoreIndy.

Why consider OnshoreIndy for your next project?

Accelerates the building of your high performance high tech team

Finally (you’re gonna love this), at OnshoreIndy we understand that job #1 for you is to build the highest performing high tech team you possibly can.  Your team, not ours.  That’s why we offer a Free Agent Guarantee with every OnshoreIndy consultant.  After four months on contract, every one of our consultants is eligible for hire by the client for a modest conversion fee.  Want your new employee to continue enjoying the benefits of hanging out at OnshoreIndy?  No problem.  For a monthly facilities charge that should be significantly below your internal burden rate, we’re glad to accommodate so long as space allows.

Can we quote you on IT?
Now you know why we say, “IT’s Just Better Here”.  To find out how much better, let us know what roster spots you need to fill and we’ll let you know how OnshoreIndy can fill them.  To receive a no obligation quote, just send your basic requirements to OnshoreIndy@ambassadorsolutions.com.  An onshore staffing specialist will take IT from there and contact you soon.    

Send your quote request to:  OnshoreIndy@ambassadorsolutions.com