IT’s really hard to believe…that Ambassador Solutions has been changing the world one byte at a time since 1989… that the client who first trusted us with an outsourced project in our early years is just now considering alternatives to that system…that the phone in my pocket has exponentially more compute power than the IBM mainframe I helped unload from a fifty-three foot trailer in 1980…that some of the largest financial and insurance institutions in the country are still substantially running on COBOL programs first developed in the 1970’s…that the newest Silicon Valley billionaire triplets got there by creating a self-destructing message service…that the greatest threat to our national security is no longer found in missile silos, but rather in cyberspace.

What’s not hard to believe is…that our “people first philosophy” will continue to serve our clients best, no matter where technology may take them…that we can automate nearly any process, but no force of nature or markets will ever commoditize the people behind the processes…that we’re willing to change anything except our values while doing whatever IT takes…that there’s no such thing as an untrusted advisor…that the best is yet to come.

One more thing, we also believe…that smart phones prove you really can take IT with you. Whatever IT takes!

Brad Lindemann

In Business For Life

In Business For LifeIn August of 2016, In Business For Life (IBFL) filed to become a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation domiciled in the State of Indiana.  Our current focus is upon raising the awareness of IBFL around the country and encouraging all business people who share our passion for the sanctity of life to join us in our mission. The more light we shed upon this defining issue of our generation, the more quickly we can turn the tide back towards a culture of life in America.