IT Exec Search

We focus primarily upon IT Executives nationwide.
Typical position titles include:

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
InfoSec Executive Board Member
Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Why consider retaining Ambassador for your next executive search?

    1. Sneak Preview Video – Clients receive a two minute introductory video of every candidate we submit to them.  We recommend viewing the video before reading our Executive Summary or the resume.  If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video is invaluable when it comes to sizing up executive talent.
    1. Behavioral Assessment – We’ve partnered with Dr. Dan Snively of The Lions Lead to provide a comprehensive behavioral assessment of every submitted candidate at no cost to the client.
    1. One Year Replacement Guarantee – If our candidate leaves or is terminated for cause or performance reasons before their first employment anniversary, we will provide a comparable replacement at no additional charge.
  1. Fair Fixed Fee – Our industry disrupting fee model saves you big dollars as detailed below.

Here’s how our Fair Fixed Fee model avoids the four common pitfalls in executive recruiting:

  1. It’s too expensive – Our 25% fee is significantly below the industry standard 1/3 of total first year possible compensation.
  2. Recruiting firm incented to pay candidate as much as possible– Our fee calculation is fixed based upon the client’s target candidate salary, so there is no incentive to pay a candidate any more than fair and necessary.
  3. Non-guaranteed compensation included in fee calculation – All non-guaranteed compensation is excluded from our fee calculation.  It is based solely upon first year targeted salary as agreed upon with the client before starting the search.
  4. Search firm cashes out up-front – We defer a portion of our fee until the one year employment anniversary of the candidate.

Let’s break that down to see how much our Fair Fixed Fee structure could save you on a search for a CISO with a targeted salary of $300,000:

Total Fee:  $300,000 target salary * 25% = $75,000

Retainer Fee:  $75,000 * 15% = $11,250 (non-refundable, due upon signing)

Progress Fee:  $75,000 * 15% = $11,250 (due upon shortlist acceptance)

Placement Fee:  $75,000 * 60% = $45,000 (due 14 days after start date)

Retention Fee:  $75,000 * 10% = $7,500 (due upon candidate’s one year employment anniversary)

  • Retention Fee discounted 10% if paid with Placement
  • Travel/Living recruiting expenses billed separately at actual cost

Compare this to an industry standard 1/3 of total first year compensation assuming a 20% bonus opportunity:

Salary plus bonus @ $360,000/3 = $120,000.  The client saves $45,000 with Ambassador’s Fair Fixed Fee approach.

Fair enough?  But, what really counts is the true value received by both clients and candidates.  Here’s what they have to say:

Ambassador Solutions delivered on their promise to bring an outstanding CIO to healthcare industry client. The journey was just as impressive as the result. All candidates were very strong, while the process, diligence, education and care that Ambassador provided is a true differentiator among executive search firms. I fully trusted Ambassador as they guided us to understand our needs, then crafted the job description/title/comp package to align with them. They were very sensitive to our feedback and patient with our deliberation in helping us make the right decision. The result was a perfect addition to our Leadership Team, a true CIO who’s a great cultural fit and in whom I have great confidence to lead us into the future with technology.” – CEO, Healthcare industry client

Executive IT recruiting is dramatically different from the standard resume sifting common in much of the industry. ‘Speed dating’ doesn’t really for work key roles.  A great recruiter is looking for a true match in skills, style, and values for the benefit of both company and candidate.  Ambassador hit the mark on all of those and my recruiting partner served as a great coach to boot.  It would be hard to imagine a better experience.” CIO Candidate, Healthcare industry client

For a confidential inquiry regarding our InfoSec Exec Search Services, please contact us at:

Phone:  317-571-6838 (select option 1 for Sales)

Be sure to ask about our Temporary or Fractional IT Executive Services.  While we’re helping clients find the perfect candidate to fill a full-time position, they often require someone to fill it on an interim basis.

We also offer a special discount for public sector clients, because the future of our nation could well depend upon having the right leaders in mission critical IT executive positions within our government and military.