Client Team First Philosophy

We call them “true IT pros”.  They are the reason ours is the ultimate people business.  They are the reason we’re one of the few firms willing to make what’s most important to our clients most important to us –building their team…not ours.  We call it our “Client Team First Philosophy”.  Think about IT.  We have been for over a quarter century.  That’s why today, we play to win our clients’ game…not ours.  IT’s their win that truly counts.

When job #1 for our team is to help you build yours, IT changes everything.  We now have a seat at the CIO table to participate in strategic discussions about how best to support the needs of the business.  We have intimate knowledge of our clients’ players because we’ve vetted most and brought many to the table ourselves.  We never try to put “round peg” candidates into our clients’ “square hole” needs to solve our bench problems.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  We get that a lot.  Clients have grown so accustomed to being used versus served, most assume that’s just the way IT is.  Not at Ambassador. We run all our people through what Pastor Bill Hybels refers to as the 3Cs grid –character, competence and chemistry.  Character is always first, because no level of competence is sufficient to make up for a serious flaw in character.  Then competence, because many people of good character simply aren’t at a sufficient level of competence to meet our rigorous standards.  Finally chemistry, because every true IT pro is a member of one or more teams.  How they get along with their teammates is critical to the success of every team they’re on.

Still skeptical?  Fair enough.  The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  So, what small positive step can we take towards a journey into the IT consultancy/client relationship of your dreams…and ours?  Let’s talk about IT…