A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Don Miller

Author Don Miller hit the big-time in 2003 with his best-selling memoir, Blue Like Jazz.  Not sure why I never read it.  BLJ remains wildly popular, especially within contemporary Christian circles, primarily because it challenges virtually every notion of what it means to be a true Christian.  Intrigued by the author as much as the [...]

Happy Fearless New Year!

Towards the end of what proved to be the most challenging year of my life, I came upon a book that proved to be a true Godsend.  Fearless by Max Lucado sets forth a compelling case for why the book’s subtitle, “Imagine Your Life Without Fear”, is not only possible, but completely rational given the [...]

The 2009 Leadership Summit: The Pain Of Leadership

Once again, the Ambassador Leadership Team attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit via satellite on August 6 and 7.  Once again, I left convinced that The Summit is the greatest leadership development value on the planet.  "No pain, no gain" was a reoccurring theme this year.  One faculty member particularly stood out as having experienced [...]

Kona Goes To Head Of Class

During our 33 years of marriage, Elaine and I have had countless dogs that have helped us ride herd over five children and three granddaughters.  Only one canine, however, became THE family dog.  His name was Kona.  Our two youngest children, Caleb and Bradley, grew up with Kona as their constant companion.  His recent sudden [...]

Hope Springs Eternal In Tampa

I've just returned from a 24 hour "missions trip" to the Hope Children's Home in Tampa, Florida.  This trip was courtesy of my best friend, Tim, who has been so impressed by what God is doing down there that he insisted upon giving me a first-hand look.  I'm so glad he did.  Though God is [...]

It’s A BIG Deal Birthday For The “A Team”

I started anticipating our 20th anniversary (April 1, 2009) early in 2008.  Whenever I’d mention it to anyone, they would invariably say something like, “Wow, twenty years in business.  That’s quite an accomplishment.”  To which I replied, “Oh, it’s not that big of a deal.  Many people have built much larger companies in much less [...]

How To Control What You Can: Thoughts, Attitude, Effort

During tough times, one of the toughest things to do is to stay focused upon the few things that you can control, while refusing to be distracted by the many things you can’t.  In my experience, I’ve found only three things that I can consistently control –my thoughts, my attitude and my effort.  Let me [...]

Praying Through The Pain

It was painfully to the point – “financs, rejection, loneliness, migraines”.  That was it.   Her entire prayer request was four simple, pain-filled words.    “Mary” had found the link to the Ambassador Prayer Team on our web site.  How fitting that “finances” was misspelled, as it seems that our entire nation has forgotten how to spell [...]

Stressed But Blessed?

I'm trying to break myself of a bad habit I picked up as the current economic malaise came calling upon our company.   In response to the proverbial, "how are you?" greeting, I've taken to answering, "stressed but blessed".  Sort of like positive self talk with a spiritual twist, I suppose.  Sounds better than, "it's tough, but [...]

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