Board of Advisors

Tim Murphy
Tim MurphySales
Tim started his sales management career with Scientific-Atlanta in 1994 after working for Indianapolis Power & Light for 19 years in various engineering and management positions. At Scientific-Atlanta, Tim managed the Media Group for North America, the channels team for North America, the US Tier 2 and 3 Cable companies, all of U.S. Telcos and all Canadian businesses. After Scientific-Atlanta was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2005, Tim was responsible for all Cisco Systems products sold into the Tier 2 Cable systems. Tim retired as a Cisco Vice President in 2011. When not advising companies and executives on sales related matters, Tim and his wife, Kathy, devote much time and energy to their favorite charity, Hope Children’s Home in Tampa, Florida.
Greg Siefert
Greg SiefertIT Strategy
Greg is a seasoned executive and consultant who has delivered world-class business and technology solutions to leading companies across a number of industries. From startups to Fortune 500 organizations, Greg’s intense customer focus has enabled him to successfully deliver complex, multi-million dollar solutions to organizations such as the ChaCha, NCAA, Kraft Foods, Pepsi, Eli Lilly, Cummins, & Aon. After fifteen years of leading other consulting firms, Greg established his own. Springhead LLC is based on a simple idea –how service is delivered is every bit as important as what is delivered. This idea, coupled with a consuming passion to make a positive difference in every life that he touches, led Greg to form his truly unique consulting firm.
Dan Snively
Dan SnivelyLeadership Development
We’ve worked with Dr. Dan Snively on leadership development since 2005. He was so helpful to us in developing the Ambassador’s leadership team, we began offering his services to a select number of clients. Dan has extensive executive and management experience in a number of diverse organizational environments. For over thirty years, Dr. Snively held executive leadership positions in higher education and in a large international not-for-profit based in Washington D.C. He has advised and coached executives and senior leadership teams from Fortune 500 companies to national nonprofit and faith-based organizations.
Tom Walker
Tom WalkerHealthcare Solutions
As a nationally recognized healthcare IT expert, Mr. Walker serves on several national consultancy boards and is a contributor to various medical publications. As a certified Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) HIPAA Project Planner specializing in ASC’s and Physician based provider groups, he has lectured to over 6,000 medical groups and practices nationwide. With 26+ years of extensive experience in innovation, R&D, development and secure infrastructure within the healthcare IT arena, Mr. Walker understands, and is a gifted communicator to, all levels within a healthcare organization.
Chris Werling
Chris WerlingBusiness Strategy and Operations
Chris is a gifted critical thinker with over fifteen years of senior executive and entrepreneurial experience. From vision to strategy to operating goals, Chris knows how to get businesses where they’re trying to go. He has broad industry experience, knowledge, and vertical market contacts in technology, medical, manufacturing, automotive, and consumer goods industries. Chris is a change agent of impeccable character whose wise counsel is sought after and appreciated by friends and clients alike.
Roger Cogswell
Roger CogswellBusiness Intelligence Advisor
Roger is the go-to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing guy to many clients in Central Indiana and throughout the country. He has successfully implemented dozens of BI/DW solutions over many years. Roger has personally rescued and remediated failed BI/DW initiatives by formulating precise questions, exact definitions, and solutions that work for all stakeholders. He communicates with clarity, impact and integrity. As both advisor and mentor, Roger inspires trust, appreciation, contribution, cooperation and leadership.