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Ambassador Solutions is an IT services company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We’ve been doing “whatever IT takes!” since 1989.  Today, our primary service offerings are:

  • IT Exec Search
  • CISOnation (USSP™)
  • Recruiting & Staffing (perm, contract-to-hire, contract)
  • Projects (InSourced, OutSourced, OffShore)
  • Onshore Indy (IT’s just better here)

We take great pride in building high-performing high-tech teams for our clients.  Whether IT’s a C level executive search or filling gaps on the technical roster, ours is the ultimate people business.  We don’t meet our clients’​ needs with whoever happens to be available.

We match those needs with the best possible person for the job.  Our “whatever IT takes!“​ approach helps clients build their teams their way…from the top down.  We truly believe that IT’s all about the people.

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