Why Ambassador Solutions?

Ambassador Solutions has been doing whatever IT takes since 1989. From our Indianapolis, Indiana headquarters, we serve the information technology needs of emerging growth, middle market and global companies. Primary service offerings include:


Recruiting & Staffing


IT Exec Search


Software Projects

Why Ambassador? Because your IT staffing partner is your Brand Ambassador…for better or worse. No one plays that role better than Ambassador Solutions. Please consider this our application to become your Brand Ambassador. We would be honored to represent your company in the highly competitive market for IT talent. Perm, contract or projects…whatever IT takes! I’m Brad Lindemann, CEO of Ambassador Solutions, and I’m in business for life.

A few years after the dot com bubble burst and the Y2K clouds cleared (circa 2005), I became convinced that for Ambassador Solutions to survive we had to morph from an IT staffing firm to a so-called solution provider. We weren’t alone in drawing this fateful conclusion. Many much larger firms had already tried and failed in their quest for professional respectability and the fatter margins it presumably brings. Begging the question, “what was I thinking?”

Let us know what IT takes
To earn your business,
Then watch us do…

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Whatever IT takes!